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about last night… January 27, 2011

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I had a couple of comments today regarding the end of last night’s Idol episode, and the fact that I skipped over it completely.  Truth?  I didn’t know what to make of it.

For those of you who hold true to my mission statement, and rely on me for your TV watching and don’t do it yourself, here’s the quick replay:  Chris Medina came on, explaining he was engaged and madly in love with his fiance, and very sadly, she was in a major car crash 2 months before their wedding.  She suffered serious head and brain injuries, and since then he has served as one of her 2 caregivers.

His singing was fine, nothing to write home (or blog) about, but it was his story that has gripped the nation.  I’ve seen plenty of entertainment headlines about it today – that it was heartwarming…it was the best back story Idol has ever done…that it was inappropriate to use her as a “ploy” to get him to Hollywood.  Well, whatever it is, he made it to Hollywood, but only after STy, JLo, and the Dawg asked Chris if he’d bring his fiance in so they could meet her.  It was truly a remarkable television moment as STy leaned over to kiss her cheek and as he did, he whispered, “that’s why he sings so beautiful, because he sings for you.”

Regardless of what you think of the Idol producers selling his story (Danny Gokey 2.0, anyone?) and regardless of the fact that STy should really go back to 9th grade to learn the difference between an adjective and an adverb, this story was heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time.  But in a world of Bachelors and Bachelorettes, it was a refreshing look at an actual love story.

So that’s that.


As for tonight, I have to apologize as I am in the midst of 60 cinnamon rolls, dozens of cookies, 3 huge pans of cornbread, 2 batches of puppy chow, and a partridge in a pear tree…and therefore, am pushing my Idol watching back until tomorrow.  Or maybe even (gasp!)  this weekend.   But don’t worry, I still have a lot to say – especially about STy’s posture.


So in the meantime, let’s take a quick look back at why we love this show:


just like freeze dried fruit January 26, 2011

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When I go home to my parents’ house, one thing that tends to happen is that I go grocery shopping with my mom.  Their refrigerator is typically stocked with protein powder, fish oil, blueberries, meat and fish, and nothing else, so I need to make sure my sugar needs will be met.   So I always try to get a couple things I’ve been meaning to try and let mom pay for them, so if I end up throwing away half of whatever it is, I don’t feel so bad.

(Mom, are you there?  I’m sorry about that…)

So over Christmas I picked up some freeze dried fruit.  “Crispy Fruit” as it’s called.  Make a note that this is NOT your mother’s dried prunes.  This is freeze-dried.  Totally different process, and totally different outcome. 

Well my mother’s cash was not wasted (this time) as I loved it and went back and bought a whole bunch more.  Then I went through all those and placed an order on Amazon.com and set it for a recurring order, so it would ship automatically every month and I’d save $3 on my first order.  Well, the newness has worn off, I’ve found I almost always prefer fresh fruit because I am not, in fact, an astronaut, and I now have a lot (a LOT) of packets of freeze-dried fruit in my pantry.

That’s about where I’m at with Idol.  The first week back I get really excited and I read all the articles and listen to all of the commentaries, and then it hits this point where I’m like, really?   we’re still in audition rounds?  I’d much rather be watching the new White Collar episode from last night I missed.  And now there’s a lot of Idol on my Dv-r I’m pretending isn’t there.

But we can’t let it go bad!  So here we are!

Steven Tyler and JLo have seriously brought new life, and I’m lovin’ it.  (See the quotable down below).   If Steven Tyler would stop groping teenage girls with his eyes, I’d totally love him.  But it’s the dirty eyes that I can’t get over. 

I’ve also appreciated more of a focus on the good contestants and less on the crazies this year.  It wouldn’t be Idol if there weren’t some screen time happy nutjobs, but I definitely feel like we’re seeing less of them. 

Day one in Milwaukee, every 15 year old that walked in the door got a golden ticket to Hollywood.  What happened to this show?  Darn you, Justin Bieber!

Listen, I’d be willing to argue with any sane person that Idol season 7 was it’s best ever.  And while I can’t prove this (I mean, I could, it would just take too long and I don’t care that much) I’d be willing to bet that the average age of that Top 10 was the oldest its ever been.   I don’t need another Bieber, I need some more of this:

Loved Scott McCreery, who brought a strong showing for country music.  Naima Adedapo had a strong showing, but I think her style is a little too much for the wasp-y Idol crowd.  I wish it wasn’t true, and maybe it won’t be this year, but I’d be surprised.  Jerome Bell lit it up, and he let out a little mini Steven Tyler scream, and I swear Steven’s eyes doubled in size he loved it so much.   He’ll need to tone it down a bit and control his vocals, but he could have some mild success.  As JLo said, “Jerome Bell.  Remember that name!”

OK, I have to share, I just checked my email and briefly skimmed an email from a friend and this is what I read: “p.s. I was reading your blog and it really makes me want to drink”

And I was gonna be like, OK, if you don’t like it, don’t read it!  What the heck?!  We can’t be friends anymore.  BUT since I like having this person in my life because she also writes things like “my vegetarianism is now defined as ‘I occasionally eat free-range when I’m cooking for myself and order vegetarian food at restaurants, but if someone offers me food that they made I will accept it and not ask any questions.’  But I also ate that chik-fil-a once, and I do like to support Christian organizations…So, basically, my vegetarianism is no longer actually vegetarianism.”  I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Turns out what she actually said was “p.s. I was reading your blog and it really makes me want to drink and watch television with you.  So that needs to happen sometime.”

She’s forgiven.  We’re friends again.  And we’re having dinner at Chick-fil-A on Friday.  Done annnnnd done.

Go Pack Go!

Faves:  Scott McCreery, Jerome Bell, Molly “White House Intern” Swensen (even if she was a little breathy for me, personally), Scott Dangerfield (even though I can’t take anyone with that last name seriously), Alyson Jados

Quote It!:  “Well hellfire save matches *#$& a duck and see what hatches!  Am I allowed to say that?”  (yeah.  that happened)

“[My dad’s] not a hippie! Hippie’s believe in sex!  He hasn’t gone anywhere…with anybody…since my mom left him.”  (oh gracious.  Jesus, take this wheel.)

On the Line with Dr. Meg January 24, 2011

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Welcome Back, Bachelor lovers!  Let’s get right to it, shall we?

So tonight we started out the night with Chantal (not to be confused with Shawntel) on a one-on-one date, where she and Brad killed a bunch of coral  walked on the ocean floor.  And in their time in a pagoda by a swanky hotel pool, Brad said it felt like any other day for him – very real.  How many nights have you spend walking on the ocean floor and lounging in a pool pagoda?  Just checking.  Brad did say he wished he could grab Chantal’s hand and run away with her right then.  Which bodes well for our girl Chantal.  (I’m a fan, personally.)  Really loved when Brad pulled the “would you accept the damn rose?” line.  THAT felt very real. 

And then on the group date nine of the girls went On the Line with Dr. Drew! And Mike. (?).  Which I view as a totally positive thing – once Brad totally spurns all of them, including Brit and her blush, and it sends them into a tailspin that they didn’t find Reality TV love and they turn instead to the bottle, Dr. Drew will already have a basis with which to work on Celebrity Rehab.  Ashley totally blew her shot at the rose and he instead gave it to Brit.  Brit who admitted to Brad that he made her nervous when they talked (but not nervous enough to stick her tongue down his throat). 

And then it was time for our second one-on-one of the episode with Psycho Michelle 2.0.  Who “beat herself up” in her sleep.  And by “beat herself up” I believe she means, “was putting on some purple eyeshadow and like totally missed!”

So on this one on one date, Brad tried to throw her off a building in downtown LA, but failed.  Damn bungees.

No, I kid, I kid.  So they rappelled off of a building.

I hestitate to draw any Ali/Roberto and Jake/Vienna comparisons here, because I hate hate hate this 2.0, but this date was remarkably similar to both first dates of those pairs.  That’s a scary thought, no?  Although it’s pretty much an exact replica of a Kiptyn/Jillian date, and Jillian totally screwed him over and picked stupid stupid Ed.  Jillian!  Moron!  YOU SHOULD HAVE PICKED KIPTYN!

Someday I’ll let that go.  But not today. 

So at the cocktail party, my oh my, Brad shocked me, I have to say, by pulling out a picnic basket with a blanket and wine for Mother Teresa Barbie.  In front of all the girls.  Ballsy, I have to say.  This sent the house into a tizzy as the rest of the girls wondered why they were even there, as Brad and Emily were already in love.  (This is week 3, ladies.  Cool it.)  Chantal definitely knocked herself down a few pegs on my scale when she had her little meltdown.  But she’s still near the top of my list. Especially because she was the reason Brad said the line “come here to me, then!” which made me a little weak in the knees, I’m not gonna lie.  But then he pulled it again after the rose ceremony with one of the roseless girls and totally ruined it for me.

I need a hobby.

And so, tonight, we said goodbye to Meghan, Stacey, who’s skirt was way too short for anyone’s good, and Lindsay, who will be running for your next Miss Texas and who’s father is going to be so proud of her. For raising her to be the girl he and her mother taught her to be. 

Her words, not mine. 

Until next week, Bachelor-ettes!

a brand new logo and everything! January 20, 2011

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If you’re counting, we’re two episodes in and we’ve already heard 2 songs previously covered on Glee.  It’s curious, I think.  Which is why I’ll be keeping count.  I have to imagine the people auditioning for Idol are the same people willing to poney up for a Glee t-shirt, so I’m interested to see how many Glee songs pop up.  Anyway…

 I have to say, while pretty much nothing is new format-wise, Idol has actually done a good job at making it fresh.  Randy still seems pretty useless, as my mom said, but he seems like he’s having fun being in charge.  Steven Tyler just makes things fun, and I’ll be darned if Jenny from the Block isn’t hilarious! You go, JLo!

I was flummoxed by this Brett Loewenstern and his family.  Like a real life Kurt Hummel.  But what really got me was his family.  His mother looked like she was about 2 years older than him and I took one look at her and thought “trophy wife.”  But then she and her husband started talking about how their son can do anything he wants in life, and I’m not going to lie, I think I got a little emotional.  I also just cut up an onion for guacamole, so I guess it’s hard to say.

Jacee Badeaux.  Jacee freaking Badeaux!  Brother walked up and I got ready to walk right on out to get more pita chips but then he started singing and he melted me.  I got some tears again and I’m almost positive that this time it had nothing to do with the onions.   All three judges seemed content to just let him keep on singing as long as he darn well pleased.  Randy seemed downright giddy.  And so was I.

And then of course, the story of single mom Paris Tassin and her special needs daughter started, and then she sang stinkin Carrie Underwood and JLo started weeping and I started seriously (seriously?  is this happening?)  tearing up and now I don’t feel like eating my guacamole anymore.  Ice cream it is!

It was a short one tonight, which I appreciated, because goodness knows I couldn’t do much more of that stuff.

So all in all, 37 more are headed West, and we saw 7 of em.  How doya like them apples?

Favorites:  Sarah Sellers.  Jacee freaking Badeaux! Brett “red apple in a pile of green apples” Loewenstern.

Quote it!  “You had me sold from the moment you laid eyes on me.”

oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s BACK!!! January 19, 2011

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Friends, this is a BIG night.  One we’ve been waiting for a long, long time. 

New Blue Bloods episodes are back on CBS!

OK, OK.  I’m kidding of course, (well, kind of.  I am pretty pumped Blue Bloods is finally new again.) this is a very important night.  This is a night we’ve been waiting for.  And this….is American Idol!

Obviously, there are a lot of questions heading into the 10th season of Idol.  Will Steven Tyler be more or less lucid than Paula Abdul on a good day?  Which side of Jennifer Lopez are we going to see  – Jenny from the Block, or Jenny from the block of Rodeo Drive?  Why is Randy Jackson still present in my life?

But the main questions I’ll be asking myself – and therefore you – is, has American Idol jumped the shark?

Now, I’m assuming most of you know what I mean by that.  You’re generally a smart bunch (you are reading my blog, after all) so you know that when I say “jumped the shark” I mean, have they gone too far with all these changes?  Have they completely peaked and are they on their way out?

But do you know where this term originated?

Let this be a lesson to you:  everything in life starts and ends with The Fonz. 

When Fonzie “jumped the shark” it was seen as the breaking point for the show – that they never recovered from the ridiculousness of that 2 minutes and 21 seconds.  It set into motion years of Ron Howard-less episodes…and let’s not even get into that whole “Joannie Loves Chachi” fiasco.

So that’s the question.  Has Idol jumped the shark?  Have they set into motion what will soon be years of  “Jenny Loves Mark” or  “Ryan Loves Mirrors”?

So let’s get to tonight’s results!  Dim the lights, cue the music, here we go!

The night started out with a recap of the summer’s events, introducing the new judges.  Jennifer Lopez and her eyebrows made it clear she’s not messin’ around with this gig.  Randy Jackson came off like that awkward guy at a party who missed his cue to go home, and now it’s weird if he leaves, and it’s weird that he stayed, and no one really knows what to do about it, so we keep eating our pita chips pretending he’s not there.  And Steven Tyler had me cracking up not 5 minutes into the episode.  Just think, the man who inspired this

will now be sitting in the judges seat!  Come on, the prospect of Steven Tyler watching someone cover an Aerosmith tune is enough to stick around right?

(I wasn’t going to bring it up, but it’s already festering in me.  DARN YOU, RYAN SEACREST! DARN YOU.)

I just have to say, who believes JLo has been watching Idol all ten years?  Anyone?  Anyone?

This is totally unrelated, but make this cake, ASAP: http://thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen/recipes/breakfastbrunch/gooey-butter-cake-3/ 

I’ve eaten about half of it in the last half hour.  Washed it down with some Lucky Duck.  Don’t you judge me!

 So all in all, while almost everything was new, it was the same old, same old.  We’re in this for the long haul, folks.  Stock up on that Lucky Duck – you’re gonna need it.  So I’ll meet you back here, same time, same place, tomorrow night!

But before I go, I want to make one thing clear:  I DO NOT READ SPOILERS.  I don’t want to know.  So don’t blow anything.  Respect my need to play like it’s 2004 when places like www.mjsbigblog.com didn’t exist.  OK?  OK.  If you adhere to that, I’ll allow you to stick around.

Faves: Kenzie Palmer.  Melinda Ademi.  Travis Orlando (even if he could totally pull an Andrew Garcia.  I’m giving him a shot.  for now.)

My predictions for the season: A girl will win. 

Quote it!  “Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?”

Two Buck Chuck January 17, 2011

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You know what I don’t understand?  I don’t understand how I find cooking dinner tedious, so I instead cut up an avocado, mash it, dice an onion, mince some garlic and mix it all up to have guacamole for dinner.  I don’t understand how I don’t want to spend the money for brand name cereal – cereal – but I’ll buy New Kids on the Block concert tickets in a second.  I don’t understand how all these girls on the Bachelor think weeping on their first date with Brad is a good idea.  But I guess if this is going to be the most dramatic Bachelor ever! I should’ve expected the tears. 

On an unrelated note, I wish you all could’ve been in my living room last night watching the Golden Globes with me.  I was cracking myself up!  And it would be way less lame if I wasn’t sitting here by myself eating guacamole and ice cream instead of dinner.  But darn it if I wasn’t flippin’ hysterical.  Or maybe it was the Two Buck Chuck.  (Thank you, Trader Joe).

Should we be concerned the vampire cried like three times this episode?  I mean, should we get some garlic or say some Hail Mary’s or something?  What happens when a vampire cries?!  I haven’t read the Twilight series!  Disaster.

And I’d like to take this opportunity just to point out, yet again, she thinks she’s a freaking vampire. 

Brad’s date with Emily (“Barbie with a Mother Theresa soul” if you’re keeping track) was Awkward with a capital A for the first little while, but when she finally cracked and told Brad the story of how her husband (boyfriend?) died and then she found out she was pregnant with his child made the whole thing about as real as a reality show can get.  And I’ll be darned if she doesn’t make it Top 3. 

After an extended session with Brad’s therapist (should we be watching this?   Is there no such thing as doctor/patient privilege these days?) we were onto the cocktail party, where the psychos were out in full force:

“I wrapped myself up like a present, so I could open myself up to you.” 

“We’re in a fight.”
“We’re in a fight?  Why are we in a fight?”
“Like, this is our first fight.”
“Wait, wait, already? Oh no.”
“I shared my first kiss with you, and then I found you kissed Chantal.  And Chantel.”
“I did.  I kissed two Chantal’s.”

“You don’t have to take your fangs out, I like those fangs.”

And so, in the end, in addition to losing Madison (the Vampire…vampiress?), who left of her own free will, we lost Kimberly (who?) and Sarah P. (who I’d honestly never seen before, but is one of the ugliest criers I’ve witnessed).  Rejection does suck, Sarah P., but mascara running all down your face sucks just as much.  Wipe that off, honey. 

Alright fellow Bachelor lovers, check back on Wednesday when we jump back into the Idol universe feet first with one hand on the keyboard and the other holding a glass of white zin.  Holla.

My Favorite TV moments of 2010 January 12, 2011

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Jimmy Kimmel. Nuff said.


there was zero choreography! ZERO! January 10, 2011

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There aren’t many benefits of being sick, if there are any at all.  But if there is, it’s that you get to watch TV all day long and no one asks any questions about it.  They encourage it, even.   I never really got sick this past weekend, but I felt like I was about to, so I fought it off by watching Human Target and Mad Men like it’s my job.  I learned the hard way a week or two ago I can’t watch only Mad Men, because it depresses me and makes me want to lay on my couch, smoke a cigarette and drink scotch.  And none of those are good things.   Which is why tonight’s episode of The Bachelor couldn’t be better timed.

On Brad’s first one-on-one date, he brought Ashley H. (fun and healthy gums!) out into the middle of nowhere, made her walk through the “woods”  in the complete pitch black (lit only by 4 production trucks) to a carnival made just for them!  It’s either The Bachelor or it’s a low budget horror film – you decide.

I will say, however, their first kiss was super cute and surprising.  Even if it did come before the “so, now who are you again?” discussion.  Unlike Jake “big pile of rocks” Pavelka, I’m more than willing to cut Brad some slack.  Maybe it’s because he seems very real, or maybe it’s because I think he’s a dreamboat, but when he cries, I believe him.  His conversation that night with Ashley felt very real, even if it took place in a very obviously staged scene from carnival hell.  I can say that – I used to be a carnie.

On the group date (with 15 (!) girls) Brad and the girls got to shoot some PSA’s for the American Red Cross, encouraging people to give blood.  I can just see the ABC intern now, shaking in his cubicle, trying to figure a way to give Fang Girl relevance.  She has fangs.

Hey guys!  Make Brad take the Fang Girl on a date where they’re trying to encourage people to give blood! That’ll seem totally natural!

And then for dinner that night – this entire rooftop is only for us! 16 of us on a rooftop.  2 of us get an entire carnival, but the 16 of us can sit on these 2 couches, right? 

Before I continue whining about the “drama” that is produced by this show, I’d like to use this as a teaching moment.

Many times in life, people will say, “I’m nervous, but excited!” or some version of that.  Whenever I hear that, I crack up.  No one understands why.  So when I heard one of the girls talking about her impending fake kiss with Brad and say, “I’m nervous, but it’s exciting” I had to take pause.  This way I know that at least all of you faithful blog readers will understand why I find that line absolutely hysterical.  It’s because of this.

Thank you for letting me share that.  I feel relieved.  

This chick Melissa is a hot mess.  A of all, I have to imagine there are hairstylists running all over that mansion and you can’t find time in between the pool and the hot tub to get a root touch up?  At least wake up in time before the cocktail party to shower.  B of all, not the best idea to use your age as a means to win a battle with the “ladies.”  In Bachelor-land, younger is the new young, dontcha know.

Even if it was contrived and kind of dumb (and that’s on top of what normally goes on) I loved seeing Ali and her better half, Roberto.  I mean, I wasn’t the biggest Ali fan, but I give her mad props for the way she did her finale and respected Chris L. enough to not put him through the final rose ceremony.

And major props to Brad for just getting rid of both of the drama queens who were warring with each other in the house.  Not in your house, Brad!  Not in the house ABC rented for you to find “love” in!

(Anyone else question it when the Rockette said “I’ve done the online dating thing…I’ve done the dating people at work thing.”  Who did she date at work?  Santa?  She’s a freaking rockette.  Mrs. Clause isn’t going to be too happy about that.)

My favorite TV moments of 2010 January 6, 2011

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More than a moment – this was an epic half hour of television.  One of my favorite TV episodes, ever, of any show.   Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing, but for now, here’s a little teaser for Community’s Modern Warfare

My favorite 2010 TV moments January 4, 2011

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In a season full of disappointments (I’m looking at you, Ellen), Lee and Crystal’s duet was a small victory for the machine that is American Idol.  Therefore, it’s one of my favorite TV moments of 2010.  Check back tomorrow for the next TV moment!