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Bored? You’re Bored?? March 30, 2010

Posted by Meg C in Idol, Wings.
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Is this season boring for you?  Here’s some advice from one Lowell Mather:

With that, here’s my thoughts on the Top 10 performances:

Helllllllllo Usher.  Mr. Usher?  Mr. Raymond?  Loving this.  Mmhmm.

Oh what a coincidence!  His album is out today.  I’m sure that wasn’t planned or anything.  R&B week just happened to fall on the day his album drops and Usher just happens to be the mentor.  Just funny how these things happen.

Siobhan:  Usher tells her to calm her wardrobe the heck down, and she responds by wearing the very same boots Buzz Aldrin rocked on the moon.  Why is she yelling at me?  What did I do to her?  Other than make fun of her boots.

Kara’s hair looks especially nice this evening, I have to say.

Obviously we’ve got a lot of time to kill with this evening’s two-hour, ten-performance show.  That’s one performance every 12 minutes, if you’re counting.  Which basically means I can bake a batch of cookies between each performance and still have time to shower, blow dry my hair, and pay my bills without missing a darn thing.  Which is exactly what I intend to do.

A rare look backstage provides a moment that was equally awkward for both Siobhan and us viewers.

Casey: Don’t think I haven’t noticed you’re STILL wearing the same. exact. shirt. every. week.  only in different colors.   Covering it with a jacket doesn’t make it any less obvious.

Years ago, my grandparents were in a car accident and my grandma broke her neck.  It was a terrible thing, but she’s great now, so don’t worry.  But when it happened, she went through all these different stages of different neck braces.  Like a full body type of one, one that was like waist up attached to her head, one that was just around her neck, etc.  This is Casey James.  Every week he’s getting better – ‘healing’ if you will – and while he’s still in some sort of weird neck brace, he’s loosening up every week. 

[FYI, I have now showered.]

Big Mike:  Mike’s back with his ukelele guitar.   Seriously, this dude had me concerned for that stool’s well-being.  Brother is BIG.  I liked his performance fine (minus the robotic swaying crowd). 

Is it just me, or are we getting a lot of views of the Idoldome we don’t normally get?  Place is a lot smaller than you’d expect.

Didi:  Love her.  love love love her.  Why do the judges suck?  Thankfully Ryan is doing everything in his power to keep her on the show because he lovvvvvves her.  You might have thought I was crazy the first time I mentioned it, (and the next 736 times) but you’re all on the Rydi train now, aren’t you?  VOTE 1-866-IDOLS-04.  JUST DO IT.

Can I trademark the Rydi?  You heard it here first.

Annnnnd for your enjoyment, a screen shot of a text conversation I had during Rydi’s lovefest all up on that stage.


 There was more.  Oh, there was more.  But me and G will keep that to ourselves.  Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Tim:  I literally LOLed when Usher told Tim to sing the love song to him.  Terrif.  Does this kid blink? Seriously, Zac, the creeper eyes aren’t really working.  Still am a sucker for that smile though.

[Cookies = baked]

Andrew: Son KILLED it.  Mr. Abdul is back, finally.  iTunes, here I come.  And of course, pimping his cute mother out doesn’t hurt his case.


Katie:  Why, oh why.  The shorts.  Oh.  The shorts.  Katie, no.  Just.  no.   And I actually bellowed (can girls bellow?)  Let’s say I guffawed (?) at Ryan’s crack about her dad hitting the bar in 24 hours.  Oh Ryan, you make my Idol life complete.

Lee:  Are the contestants currently living in a KinderCare?  Walking pneumonia, are you kidding me?  Loved every second of this one.  Welcome to the competition, Lee.  Seriously.  What up, Lee.  Simon’s words have never been truer. 

Crystal:  I could write the same thing every week .  Amen, Simon, preach it.  “Do not let this process suck the identity out of you.”  Isn’t that what it does to all of us?


Aaron:  NO.  NO. NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO.  Why does this child insist on only performing songs that have been mastered by previous Idol contestants?  Get off this stage, young one.  Kid looks like my cousin used to when he would wear my grandpa’s clothes and pretend to be a dude like my grandpa was.  It just doesn’t work.

So it looks like I won’t be paying my bills during the episode, but come on, I not only watched every.second. of Idol, but blogged it, showered, made cookies, ate cookies, and blowdryed my ridiculously long not at all thin hair.

Game on!

(Did I mention Usher’s album is out today?)


TV shows you should have watched March 15, 2010

Posted by Meg C in Shows you should be watching, Wings.
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I’d like to have a word with the scientist/chef/CEO behind Girl Scout Cookies.  Because I’m not exactly sure what they lace those suckers with, but last time I checked peanut butter isn’t exactly an addictive substance, but I still canNOT stop eating their tagalongs.  I went through a box this weekend. 

I ate a BOX of Girl Scout Cookies this weekend.  Myself.  On my own.  I’m an only child – I don’t share.

In my defense, this all happened shortly after I discovered that over the previous seven days, I had lost nine pounds.  So, feeling victorious, I decided I should go ahead and gain it all back that day.  I missed it.

No, actually, I did not miss it.  The problem was that I developed this other addiction.  To the show, Wings.  And so I watched, and ate.  And ate, and watched.  Vicious cycle I worked myself into.

Did you ever watch Wings?  I definitely remember it being one of those “after dinner” shows my parents watched.  And if I wanted to make my mother feel like crawling in a hole, I’d tell you that growing up I totally remember the list of those “after dinner” shows my parents watched. 

Ok, ok. I’ll tell you. 

-Magnum PI
-Drew Carey

I should stop, I’m starting to feel guilty.  But maybe now you know where I get it from.  (Sorry, mom.)

ANYWAY, I own the first four seasons of Wings, and have for some time.  Although I haven’t really watched at all for years, so when I decided to pop in a disc, little did I know that it would suck away 2 weekends and leave me on Amazon.com ordering the rest of the seasons. 

Lowell Mather is one of the funniest characters, ever.  Thomas Haden Church has made me a believer.  I mean, if you can go from playing a bumbling, moronic yet lovable mechanic to Spiderman’s foe, you’re obviously good at what you do.

And you can bet, if I was 10 years older than I am, I would have a MAJOR crush on Tim Daly, who plays everyone’s favorite Nantucket pilot, Joe Hackett. (Who am I kidding, I absolutely have a crush on him, regardless of age.) 

Maybe you didn’t watch it.  Maybe, (and I truly hope this isn’t the case), you’ve never heard of it.  But do yourself a favor and netflix it.  You’ll love it.  Promise.  Just avoid the Girl Scout cookies when you do.