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My favorite 2010 TV moments January 4, 2011

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In a season full of disappointments (I’m looking at you, Ellen), Lee and Crystal’s duet was a small victory for the machine that is American Idol.  Therefore, it’s one of my favorite TV moments of 2010.  Check back tomorrow for the next TV moment!


thanks for voting for contestant 3 May 18, 2010

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What the contestants were thinking coming into tonight:

Casey: Get me the crap out of here.
Crystal: Man this is sweet! Life is awesome, man.
Lee: How’s my hair?

What the contestants were thinking during the show tonight:

Casey: ………
Crystal:  I rock.
Lee:  No seriously, is my hair OK?  I mean, I really wanna win this thing and you know I can’t win if I don’t put my soul into it and I really think that I can do this and I have to be able to relate to this and I love Chicago man and I can’t stop talking when I get nervous and I’m really nervous that Ryan messed up my hair and now everybody’s looking at me.

What the contestants were thinking after the show tonight:

Casey: Seriously, get me the crap OUT of here.
Crystal: How’s my hair?
Lee:  I rock. 


OK seriously my friends, I am LOVING me some Lee Dewyze.   I was a total web stalked alllll weekend longgggggggggggggggggggg

Oh, I’m sorry, I was just watching Casey’s “Daughters” and totally fell asleep.  Let’sss movvvvve alonggggg for crying out loud.

OK but thanks to mjsbigblog.com, I was able to watch pretty much everything Lee did this weekend – like when he performed The Boxer (yes, I cried…again) but he cried and especially when he hit the “when I left my home and my family I was no more than a boy” and couldn’t even finish!  Toooooo cute.

But I am still a little torn, because Crystal rox, too, and she’s a fellow Ohioan and I can’t root against that.  And yes, she totally vocally killed Maybe I’m Amazed, but her staged presence was totally lacking and wasn’t it just a little.bit.akward. her yelling “maybe I’m a man!”  I mean, really.  No one?  No one?

Ohhhhhhhh the strings on Hallelujah.  And the choir.  Ohhhhhh I’m melting.   One.of.the.best.idol.performances.ever.  I have to go watch it again.  And again.  And again.   I mean, I’m going to be here voting anyways.   Oops, nope gotta watch Neil Patrick Harris kill it on Glee first.  But I’ll still be voting.

the best is yet to come April 6, 2010

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Full recap in the a.m.  Promise.  Come back soon!

it’s raining men, hallelujah! February 24, 2010

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My sickness is increasing, I’m starting to watch much later than I expected, and I’m out of chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  I almost didn’t blog at all.  But I put you, faithful readers, above my physical health and mental well-being.   So for now, tonight’s update is twitter-style…I’ll expand more later.  I do apologize for my lack of…interest…as well as wit.  If I’m writing in full sentences, we’re doing well.

Todrick Hall:  Judges contradict themselves.  “Change the song up!”  “Don’t completely change the song!”  Someone smack them.  Entertaining.

Aaron Kelly:  Producers, listen to me:  David Archuleta he will never be.  Stop bribing the judges to keep him around.  At least he didn’t forget his words this time. 

Jermaine Sellers:  I still contend the judges made a huge error in putting this guy through and ditching Jermaine Purifoy.  Come on, man. 

Zac Efron:  Oops, I mean Tim Urban.  I like his face.  Could’ve done without the staged Ken Warwick phone call.  Rule of thumb: don’t sing a song a previous winner just killed the season before.  

Joe Munoz:  For you, for me, for you…pretty sure I’ve never seen him before.  Pretty sure I love him.  The way I loved David Archuleta.  Not the way I love Brady Quinn. Completely different.

 Tyler Grady: Notice how his teeth are suddenly straight and white?  TYLER DON’T LET THEM CHANGE YOU.  FIGHT THE MAN! 

Lee Dewyze:  Reminds me of Danny Gokey when he talks.  That is never, ever good.  What was that shirt?  Lee, don’t fight the man.   A few rough notes – there’s that whole staying on key thing – but we’ll call it nerves.  And shave, honey.  Facial hair isn’t for everyone.


John Park:  I loved the Shania clips.  I loved him!  Well, in his interview.  And then he sang.  Fully disappointing.  Anunciation dude.  Do it.  Still have high hopes, though.

My sinuses are about to explode.  For serious.  What a picture that just painted, right?

Michael Lynche:  If I had something bad to say, I wouldn’t say it.  Dude could reach over here from LA to smack me around.  But I don’t have anything bad to say.  You go, Big Mike, you go.

Alex Lambert:  Lose the mullet.  I hate him just because he was in that stupid group with stupid Mary Powers and her stupid whisper and since he made it in the top 24, I have to relive it every.stinking.week.  Seriously, the mullet?  My mind is boggled.  “when you’re here with me.  ee.”  Ditto, Simon.

Casey James:  marry me?

Andrew Garcia:  Lose the glasses – makes him look like a crazy professor.  Not as good as it could’ve been, but he’ll go far.  No worries.

Final Notes:  Listen, this is your momma’s Idol no more.  When David Cook took the stage, this was a whole new ball game.  You can’t come on this show and sing well and win.  Song arranging has, perhaps too much, taken over this show.  That being said, THIS IS WEEK ONE.  You probably wouldn’t do your best at… anything…if  30 million people were suddenly watching you.