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Will someone back me up if I say this is ridiculous or is this going to be another Avatar situation? September 23, 2010

Posted by Meg C in Community, Favorite TV moments, Survivor.
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Are you watching Community yet? 

Haven’t I told you over and over to watch it?  If you took my solid advice to heart last season and then enjoyed this evening’s premiere, you might have keeled over laughing.  If you didn’t take my advice last season, but decided to jump in on the second season, you probably chuckled your way through with a couple hearty laughs here and there.  If you didn’t heed my advice, but instead spent your evening baking prune cake, well, that’s on you.

(Side note: I acually did bake prune cake tonight.  And it was terrific.)

And is anyone still watching Survivor other than my entire workplace?  A show that can make it 21 seasons and still be as interesting as ever is impressive.  What’s more impressive is Jeff Probst, who makes Ryan Seacrest look like a circus clown.  (And I love me some Ryan Seacrest).

OK, so if you live anywhere there is internet access or some sort of television signal, you’ve probably already seen this.  But just in case you’re the last one who hasn’t, here’s one of my favorite recent TV clips…


a mishmash of thoughts April 15, 2010

Posted by Meg C in 24, Biggest Loser, Idol, Parenthood, Shows you should be watching, Survivor.

I don’t have a full recap of Idol because, well, I could’ve recapped that sucker for you before it happened.  Bad lip-synching, corny joke, Andrew and Katie bite the dust, tears, end scene.  But seriously, are the lip-synched group performances really necessary?  Do we all really need to pretend that Tim Urban can hit that low note?  I really have to watch Katie try to dance like Elvis?  Elliot freaking Yamin is sitting in the audience and I have to watch this junk?

But I also have thoughts on a few more shows that are rarely brought up on this here blog, even though I watch them religiously.  So there’s just some things I have to get off my chest.

24 (no spoilers):  I know I mentioned this yesterday but WHAT THE HECK.  I still am not over it.  I can’t believe it happened.  I won’t believe it happened.  I could cry if I think about it much longer.

The Biggest Loser:  Did you watch this week?  Did you absolutely weep when O’Neill won the car and Sunshine ran in?  I mean, one of the best moments on that show, ever.   EVER.  Although I haven’t watched the second hour yet, so don’t ruin it for me.

Survivor: Russell has become a swear word in my vocabulary.  I can’t believe he got rid of Boston Rob.  This all started with stupid Tyson being stupid and making one really stupid decision. 

I know what you’re all thinking: who even watches Survivor anymore?  Awesome people, that’s who.  This season is EPIC.  And just because it’s been on forever, doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome.  So lose the attitude and start watching.

Parenthood: I’ll admit I only started watching this show because Lorelai was in it.  But it has become a highlight of my week.  The cast is terrific – Dax Shepard, who knew? – and it’s pretty addicting once you figure out all the relationships between them.