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he blew his lid, when she tried to contain him October 4, 2010

Posted by Meg C in Modern Family.

I did two things this weekend that I never thought I would ever do.  1: I made a pie.  From scratch.  The crust, too.  2.  I bought skinny jeans.

Before you start judging me and talk me out of wearing them in public, I should also say that I bought (read: my mom bought me) the perfect boots to wear over jeans.  So I had to!  I realize I’m a little late on the skinny jeans bandwagon, but I just wanted to make sure it was sticking around before I bought in.

I’ll admit I was pretty late on the Modern Family bandwagon as well.  I don’t know, the premise just seemed like we’ve been there, done that.  But if you know me at all, you know I hate (HATE) when people are having conversations about TV shows and I can’t join in.  Which is why my DV-R has 19 series recordings currently set up on it.

Yeah.  19. 

And so, because many of my friends got way into Modern Family and 30 Rock, so did I.  And I have to say, I haven’t regretted this bandwagon one bit.

Modern Family is just pure fun.  I mean, I don’t know that there’s been an episode where I haven’t had tears in my eyes (from laughing).  But this last week…oh my…the line that’s the title of this post “he blew his lid…when she tried to contain him”  had me gasping for air.  I had to pause the dv-r.  It obviously doesn’t make sense without context, but that one line was enough for me to tell you – WATCH this show!

I’m off to eat my apple pie.