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news update February 14, 2011

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No Bachelor recap tonight, folks.  Sorry.  Tomorrow’s another day.

In other more exciting news, I’m Tumbling – so check me out at http://chobusiness.tumblr.com. All of my TV posts will show up there, as well.  Soooo pick one or the other.  Or both and make me feel good about myself.


starting over. maybe. November 3, 2010

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Can open…worms…everywhere…

I don’t know what to say here – I really hate it when blogs I read are like “So sorry I haven’t been blogging! Life is crazy, but I hope to get better” And then they never blog again.

But seriously, I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging! Life is crazy, but I hope to get better.

Certainly, you know I’ll be back come Idol time. But until then, I’m filling my evenings with sitcoms and hour long dramas (seriously, how GOOD is The Good Wife?)

This one time when I was in Vegas in a television focus group, they showed us a pilot episode of a new sitcome that wouldn’t even air for another couple of months. I was all excited to give my thoughts on the episode (that it sucked, that Hollywood has no original ideas, and that Jenna Elfman would never do anything better than Dharma and Greg and therefore no one would watch this show) And got myself all worked up to wax poetic on the lameness of the fact that the main character’s best friend was a drunk Irish woman. And then, after the episode finished, all they wanted to know about was our thoughts about the commercials for other new TV shows. WHAT? No, those commercials didn’t make me want to watch LL Cool J figure out crimes or Julianna Marguiles resurrect her career. I want to yell mean things about Jenna Elfman!

While I was right, by the way, regarding Accidentally on Purpose, starring Jenna Elfman, which was cancelled after it’s first season, I was so, so wrong on the Good Wife.

Well, not totally. I mean, the commercials didn’t make me want to watch, so really when you think about it, they really did suck. Because that show is awesome, and I regret not being on The Good Wife bus from the beginning.

I blame Jenna Elfman.

All that to say, there’s just not much to blog about unless I started doing recaps of shows, and while I realize that the tagline of my blog “watching tv so you don’t have to” would lead one to assume I would do recaps, I’m just not ready to make that jump. I’m more about judging and mocking (and sometimes praising) the entertainment world.

I have a lot of stories to tell. Like that time (Monday night) I almost killed a llama that was walking down I-80. I have a lot of people to make fun of. Like ABC, who could put ME on Skating with the “Stars” and get better ratings than these E-list “celebs” they’ve chosen. I swear, it’s like they want to run their network into the ground. So here’s hoping I can get back in line with my blogging routine. It’s like riding a bike…right?


Margaret Cho October 6, 2010

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Personally, I’m glad Margaret Cho got kicked off of Dancing with the Stars.  She was only half the woman I am.

(Get  it?!  Margaret Cho… COME ON. That’s funny.  I’ve been saving it for a while now…)

busy busy busy September 30, 2010

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Just do it.


for everything there is a season… September 22, 2010

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What’s that I hear?  The sound of falling leaves…the sound of shoulder pads clashing on the football field…the sound of hot apple cider warming in the microwave?


It’s new shows on the TV and the clacking of my keyboard as I struggle to remember my password so I can get on this here blog.  It’s TV season once again!

It’s good to be back.

I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed sharing Bachelorette moments and Oh! the Bachelor Pad.  My snarky comments used to be worn down after a post, but when I wasn’t writing one, they came out in real life.  At real people.  It wasn’t good.

This summer I spent the majority of my down time packing up my life and moving it 10 miles south from where I was.  I now have a kitchen that isn’t carpeted, a dishwasher, and so, so much more.  The unfortunate thing is that I lost my neighbors.

Remember my neighbors?  The little person and his mean wife and their 18 dogs that would jump into my car when they felt like it?  I now have normal neighbors, who keep to themselves, don’t make a peep, and are generally not around.

I should be happy about this, but those neighbors made for some good stories that I documented well for all of you. 

But since we missed this summer, I’m keeping my Neighbors: the Final Days stories in my back pocket.  You never know when a good hot tub story will need to be told.

Yeah.  They bought a hot tub. 

No.  There wasn’t a fence.

But like I said, that’s another story for another day.

Welcome back.  It’s going to be a good year.

summertime June 2, 2010

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It is definitely, officially summer.  If the humidity wasn’t proof enough, this past weekend full of picnics, meals outside, and lighting things on fire should do it. 

There’s one thing I hate about summer.  Hate hate hate hate hate. 


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I hate the rain.  I know it’s necessary and blah blah blah, but I hate it.  And add bolts of electricity and loud rolling thunder, and I’m a nutcase.  Not really, but I’d do anything to get my mind off of the madness outside.  Like spend a good bit of my evening working out an acoustic version of “Poker Face” on my guitar.

Hahaha definitely no, I did not do that.

OK I totally did.  But it’s awesome!  Pretty neat trick to pull out at a party, I think. 

I don’t know what the point of this post is, if I’m being honest.  I still haven’t totally wrapped my head around Alli (Ali?  Allie?)  as the new Bachelorette.  But, really, they could have a blow-up doll as the next Bachelorette and I’d still watch – I love all the man drama.  Girls aren’t the only crazies!  Plus once I figure out who is genuine (last season=Michael) and who’s a big fat faker (Wes) I like seeing the guys really have to work to make a girl fall for them.   So, I don’t know, maybe next Monday I’ll have better feelings about this season, but I’m never a fan of these beginning ones where we don’t know the real vs. the fake (other than Ali’s hair extensions – definitely fake).

But I’m left considering what to do with this here blog for the rest of the summer.  Oh sure, Monday’s will be dedicated to the rose ceremony and everything that goes with it, but there’s a lot of week left after that. 

So be forewarned, it could get random up in here.  At least until the new seasons of USA shows (Psych!  White Collar!) start in July.  And it might get personal.  I mean, not like what’s my shoe size personal, but things not pertaining at all to television. 

I’m in for a great summer.  My little roadtrip with my good friend and traveling companion has been extended drastically from the 4-5 day trip to Charleston it started out as, to an 11 day trek all over the East Coast, including stops in Charleston, Winston-Salem, Virginia Beach, and DC.   Canoe trips, Brad Paisley concerts (2 of em – both in fan club seating 🙂 Carole King WITH James Taylor LIVE, a trip with my momma, not to mention my impending move from a small town to an even smaller town, all have me excited and probably watching less TV than usual.

But let’s be real, there’s not a whole lot going on during the weeks here in Small Town USA, that is at least until Strawberry Days and the Great  American Food Festival come to town.

Which, PS, the Food Festival is the highlight of my year in this town.  You should come visit me if only to eat an Amish donut.  Seriously, you’ll die from it’s awesomeness.  

All this to say, I don’t know what the summer holds, other than a good Amish donut and plenty of thunderstorms for me to learn new ridiculous pop songs on guitar.

update June 1, 2010

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I will be continuing the blog throughout the summer – promise.  I just took a little time away to get back into normal life – post Idol.  But the Bachelorette is BACK and I’m excited!  So I will be back, soon.  As Jack Bauer would say, you have my word.

the night elvis and marilyn monroe got hitched May 20, 2010

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*NOTE: this post has absolutely nothing to do with TV.  It’s a repost of something I wrote almost a year ago now on a now non-existant blog.  As Julie and I today confirmed our plans to double the length and epicness of our June/July roadtrip, I thought I’d share what happens when we travel.  And how flippin excited I am to do it all over again – on the East Coast.  Plus, it’s my first Thursday in a long time with no Survivor, and I’m a little sad.*

My trip to Vegas was planned for months and months.  For a while I was nervous.  Really, really nervous.  What would I do for a whole week in Las Vegas by myself?  Until one night when I said, “Hey Julie, want to go to Vegas with me??”  and later that week she bought her ticket. 

Then I was excited!  What would we do for a whole week in Vegas???  The sky was the limit, and the more I researched, the more I was confused as to what was actually fun and safe and worth seeing.  So I gave up the search and decided we could figure it out once we got there.  But there were certain things that we HAD to do when we were there, no excuses.  They were:

1.  Get our picture taken in front of the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

2.  Meet Elvis.

3.  Be in/witness a Las Vegas wedding.

I’ll be honest, I was starting to fear the third wouldn’t happen.  And even more honestly, after we traveled for an hour in the wrong direction looking for the sign, but instead finding the end of the world, I started to fear we may not even see the sign. 

But we did not give up.  The concierge, after he stopped laughing at us, told us to take the Deuce (no, now you stop laughing, that’s what it’s called) to Mandalay Bay, and it was a short walk from there to the sign.  He lied his pants off.  After a monster long walk in the rain, a stop at McDonald’s for some liquid energy (AKA sweet tea), and a daring dash across the highway (something we got pretty good at) we saw IT.  In all of it’s Las Vegas lights glory, the sign sat in the median of the aforementioned highway with a small astroturf section built in to stand on and make ridiculous poses. 

In front of that sign, everyone feels fabulous. 

One thing we could’ve learned a bit more quickly is that, in the desert, everything is closer than it appears.  Just because you can see it doesn’t necessarily mean you could walk to it (learned that lesson while crossing approximately 17 highways trying to get to In-N-Out).  But the sign was in our sights and we starting running/walking quickly/skipping towards it, and that’s when I saw her. 

Julie!  That girl is wearing a white dress!  Is that a wedding party??”

Cue ohmygoodnessohmygoodness squeals and skipping higher until:

“Meg!  It’s Elvis and Marilyn Monroe!!”

We had (finally) made it to the sign and there in all their sequined glory stood Marilyn Monroe, with darker, bushier eyebrows than I would’ve imagined, and Elvis Presley with foam hair. 

This is when we became concerned.  Would we have to pay them to take a picture with us?  Is this their job? 

No, no, we reasoned.  The two guys in suits standing around them didn’t fit into that formula.  OK so why were they here?  And what the crap is the Suit #1 taking pictures of?  (And then I briefly entertained the thought of moving to Las Vegas, investing in a floaty white dress, and standing in front of that sign to charge a dollar per picture.  Like I said, it was a brief thought, but it was a definite thought.)

So we kept our distance as Elvis, Marilyn, and Suit #2 seemed to be engaged in a deep conversation in a foreign language, and a small family of Midwesterners posed their children and attempted self-timed pictures.  Why you would bring your children to Las Vegas, I still don’t know.

And then.  It happened.  Looking back it feels like slow motion.  The family packed into their rented minivan and Elvis and Marilyn took their place on the astroturf and Suit #2 joined them.


Had I been still drinking my McDonald’s sweet tea, I would have spit it out of my nose.  But I left my cup in front of a wedding chapel we stopped at during our Journey to The Sign.  Julie was first to realize that Suit #1 was the photographer, and Suit #2 was the minister. 

Julie and I were left standing there, in the middle of that desert highway, as witnesses to their wedding.  Julie dressed in black and I in white, we made the perfect wedding party.  We were silent as they vowed their love in a foreign tongue, and we yelled and hooted for joy when they were prounounced man and wife.  Suit #1 continued to take pictures, and included us, as well. 

We said our goodbyes to Elvis, Marilyn, and the Suits (I’m assuming that’s what they said), and as a large tour bus unloaded its passengers all around us, Julie and I stood in front of that sign amazed at our good Las Vegas fortune.  We stayed for a while longer, visibly elated, and then cursed the time change that wouldn’t allow us to call any of our friends back home.  About halfway home, we stopped and took this picture:


This is our “holy crap, that just happened!” face.

All that to say, set almost unattainable goals.  You never know what you might walk into.

Maybe if you’re lucky, one day I’ll tell you about the night they paid us (in useless gift certificates) to watch TV.  And if you’re really lucky, maybe I’ll include some excerpts of what Julie and I wrote to the CBS executives.  We’ll see – you’ll have to be on your very best behavior.

the airing of grievances May 17, 2010

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Gah.  What a week.  Bret Michaels makes the finals of Celebrity Apprentice, Sandra (who?) wins Survivor again, and the three American Idol judges make their awful, awful song choices for the contestants this week. 

Wait, what?  The week isn’t over?  It’s only Monday?! 

Oh boy. 

Well, OK, I’m buckling in because tonight’s episodes of both Chuck and 24 will, I’m sure, stress me out and leave me laying on the floor of my living room not being able to gather up enough energy to move myself back to the couch, let alone write a complete sentence.

Yes, I get that into television shows and no, I don’t need professional help, thank you.

SO before that mess happens, I just wanted to give my thoughts on the Judges’ Pick choices for this week’s Idol episode.  Because I’ve got a lot of them.  You might think “Oh, I thought they were OK song choices, I mean not great, but they’ll work.”   And that’s why you’re still an amateur.

The duo of Kara and Randy picked Casey’s song – “Daughters” by John Mayer. I know what they’re thinking – Casey could have a total moment with this song.  And mark my words, regardless of how Casey does tomorrow night, Kara will say the word “moment.”  Casey doesn’t have the vocal abilities that Mayer has – nor does he have enough emotion in that stiff upper body of his to pull it off.

Ellen picked “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney for Crystal.  And realize, I’m treading carefully here because the last thing I want to do is throw McCartney under the bus – I believe Heather Mills has done that plenty already.  But listen, this song isn’t your typical “verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus x2” song.   This song has a verse and a chorus.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Which, an amateur would think “Isn’t that perfect for Idol since that’s all they can sing anyway?”  No.  Not when the chorus was written by a man.  In order to be sung by a man.  To a woman.  Most songs you can pull a little switchey-poo and either skip that verse, or do a quick change from a “he” to a “she.”  The chorus of this song has the singer stating emphatically, Baby I’m a man, maybe I’m a lonely man and then later Baby I’m a man and maybe you’re the only woman who can help me understand.  So regardless of how Crystal changes this song – she’s going to have to change it too much.  And the judges don’t like it when you mess with McCartney/Lennon.  Even though they are the ones who made her do it in the first place.  Saboteurs. 

And Simon.  Oh Simon.  He picked “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley/Rufus Wainright for Lee.  Rookies might think, this is a great song, Lee is a great guy, this will work!  Wrong, yet again, my friends.  You’re missing the inherit meanness of this pick.  Not to mention selfishness on Simon’s part.  But we’ll get to that in a minute.  First, let’s have a moment of silence for one Jason Castro who took this song and (dare I say it?) had a moment on that Idol stage with it.  But since Castro I’m pretty sure doesn’t know how to tie his shoelaces, let alone give a comprenhensible interview, he has been completely lost in the eyes of Idolworld as one who had talent, but no marketability.  And you know in Idolworld, if it don’t pay, it don’t play.  Not only this, but Tim Urban did this song already this season.   But here’s the kicker: Simon owns the rights to this song.   A savvy business man he may be, but looking out for the Idol contestants he is not.

Phew, glad I got that out.  I’ll be back tomorrow to see how the performances go, and hopefully I will have made it off of the living room floor by then.

Over and out.

i don’t know. just felt like it May 11, 2010

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