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Will someone back me up if I say this is ridiculous or is this going to be another Avatar situation? September 23, 2010

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Are you watching Community yet? 

Haven’t I told you over and over to watch it?  If you took my solid advice to heart last season and then enjoyed this evening’s premiere, you might have keeled over laughing.  If you didn’t take my advice last season, but decided to jump in on the second season, you probably chuckled your way through with a couple hearty laughs here and there.  If you didn’t heed my advice, but instead spent your evening baking prune cake, well, that’s on you.

(Side note: I acually did bake prune cake tonight.  And it was terrific.)

And is anyone still watching Survivor other than my entire workplace?  A show that can make it 21 seasons and still be as interesting as ever is impressive.  What’s more impressive is Jeff Probst, who makes Ryan Seacrest look like a circus clown.  (And I love me some Ryan Seacrest).

OK, so if you live anywhere there is internet access or some sort of television signal, you’ve probably already seen this.  But just in case you’re the last one who hasn’t, here’s one of my favorite recent TV clips…


we can’t be friends if you don’t watch this May 7, 2010

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I didn’t want to post a new entry until tomorrow, since most of you haven’t seen the last post (which, scroll down and help me out!)  But I can’t not do this –

Community is probably my 2nd favorite new show of the year, and my most favorite new sitcom of the year.  (Most favorite?  Favoritest?)  And I watch a lot of sitcoms.  If you’ve never watched Community, I would urge you to catch up on what brought us here, because character development really makes this special.  But after watching this episode last night, I have to say I’m not sure if I’ve ever laughed this hard at a TV show – and you need to watch it.

So, you have to watch this episode.  Please.  We can’t be friends if you don’t, because I’ll probably quote it the rest of my life and you won’t understand me anymore.  Play a little game and see how many movie references you can pick out of the episode – and have the pause button at the ready, because you may start crying and hyperventilating because you’re laughing so hard, and you don’t want to miss a second.

Wow, think I’ve set it up enough?  Maybe I should have set your expectations low…ah well, it’s darn good TV. (Plus, there’s a whole lot of Joel McHale muscle going on, and that is never a bad thing.)

Watch it now!

Happy Monday April 12, 2010

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*lots of stuff to post this week – check back early and often!*

TV shows you should be watching January 15, 2010

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Listen, my friends.  I get it.  You don’t have time in your life for these ridiculous reality TV shows.  I mean, no one finds real love on TV, right?  (Although Blakesley and Maxwell Sutter I’m sure are crossing their fingers that isn’t true)

Google it.

And that’s why I’m here.  Not because I necessarily have all the time in the world to be watching this trash, but because I make the time.  See the difference?

Yeah, me neither.

But listen, my friends.  There’s some good TV out there.  I will continue to recap all the good shows for ya so that you all can continue with your fun-filled, exciting nights in cities all over the country as I sit in a small living room in a small town in front of a small television living vicariously through people who actually have the cajones to chase their dreams (valid or not).

I’m exaggerating, a little.  But the fact remains, I watch a lot of TV.   But I thought maybe I should fill you in on some shows you may not be watching and therefore completely missing out on some solid entertainment.  Although if you start watching TV all by yourself, I may be out of a gig.  So watch carefully.

How I Met Your Mother:  If we’re friends, chances are I’ve tried to get you to watch this show.  But don’t start watching week by week now.  Start at the beginning.  At the risk of the sitcom gods striking me down, I’m going to go ahead and say that this show is better than Friends.

(ducks lightning strike)

Listen, Friends might have set the stage for it, but HIMYM is just better.   The story actually takes place in the year 2030 or so, and focuses on Ted telling his kids how he met their mother “back in” the early 2000’s.   You can watch one episode and think it’s funny, cute, etc.  But start at the beginning and join the mystery of finding out who the mother is.  Clues have been left since season one, and it’s a great time putting them together.  Plus, all you really need to hear is three words:  Neil Patrick Harris.

Chuck: Listen, I’m still ridiculously bitter that no one told me how great this show was.  I started watching only after I read this article about Zac Levi, just to see what the fuss was all about.  I don’t want any of you to be bitter with me, so watch Chuck, OK?

 Community: I may be biased, because Joel McHale could do an episode of The Soup standing there reading Leviticus, and I’d probably find it hysterical.  But Joel McHale does not a sitcom make, my friends.  The rest of the cast is perfect, and hardly an episode goes by that doesn’t find me pausing the DV-R to finish laughing at the previous joke before moving on to the next.  Plus, with surprise guests like Jack Black and Owen Wilson, what do you have to lose?

3 more next weekend, but until then, consider flipping one of these fine shows, and make sure to come back Monday night for a full review of the BACHELOR: On The Wings of Love.

Also, shout out to my good friend Laurie over at Laura Nicole Designs, for my sparkly, new, completely original header.  Doesn’t it make me look legit?