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it’s so hard to say goodbye May 24, 2010

Posted by Meg C in 24.
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Tonight is the last night, ever, with a new episode of 24.  I’m having a tough time with it, I’m not going to lie.  I mean, I know it’s time, but I’m just not ready to say goodbye to Jack Bauer!

So, if you’re like me, read this and reminisce on all the good times we had together.

(Friends that aren’t quite caught up yet – spoilers ahead)

Have any conspiracy theories?  For the last couple of weeks I’ve been convinced Jack’s going to die.  Yes, I KNOW that they are probably making a movie – but consider this: the movie goes back to a day earlier in time when Jack Bauer was still alive.  And so were some of our favorite characters!  President Palmer?  Edgar?  Curtis?  And who kills Jack?  Well if you’re like my friend Julie, you think Chloe is the one.  I might agree.  I might also think that would be the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

But then I think that can’t happen.  Jack Bauer can’t die.  I mean if lethal doses of radiation, multiple stab wounds, Russian Roulette and numerous other things can’t kill him – do you really think Chloe O’Brian could?

Well, maybe.

But, personally, I’d like to see Tony Almeida come back for one last shot at redemption.  I still believe Tony’s a good guy at heart and needs a shot to prove himself.  How that happens in the last 2 hours of this day, I’m not sure.  But if Jack Bauer can reunite with and fall in love with Renee only to have her killed off and then he takes revenge on any person in a 40 mile radius with a Russian accent in the previous 12 hours, I believe anything is possible.

So, will Jack Bauer assassinate the President?  President Logan?  The Russian President?  Does Jack die?  Does Chloe die?  And if Jack doesn’t die, how does he get out of this mess he’s made for himself?   Ten bucks says it’s ends with the silent countdown.  Which is good for no one.

Only time will tell – and the clock is ticking.


intermission May 19, 2010

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Oops: http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/05/20/simon-cowell-leonard-cohens-hallelujah/ 

Still looking for last night’s Idol recap?  Scroll on down.   But I’ve got more important things on the brain – such as:



I cannot.stop.thinking. about the 24 finale and what it means for Jack and have to say, I’m really thinking Jack’s not going to live to see another day after this one.  See: http://www.montrealgazette.com/entertainment/Jack+Bauer+calls+good/3046949/story.html#ixzz0oOe4QfZI

That’s  just what’s up right now.  More to come.


Did you watch the Chuck finale trailer?  Did you watch closely?

I took a screen shot, in case you missed it.  Did you notice this?

(Ok, ok it’s not the best screen shot – but look closely and you can see “thanks Chuck fans!” near Chuck’s head.)

Honestly, I’ve never known a show that loves it’s fans (or fans that love a show) more than Chuck.

Classy, fellas.  And you are welcome.

words fall through me and always fool me May 12, 2010

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There are some nights I come home and find myself with nothing to do but lay on my beautiful 25 year old leather couch and enjoy what awaits me on my blessed dv-r.  And then there are some nights I come home and find myself sewing curtains so that Elizabeth Dole doesn’t flash half of my town when she’s getting ready for bed.
This is one of those nights.   And yes, that Elizabeth Dole. 
Life is busy and full and hardly ever boring, which is one of the main reasons I feel OK about not only watching a lot of TV, but then proceeding to write about it – as if it isn’t already sucking part of me away.  So, obviously, I watch a lot of TV that I don’t write about here – given that, especially lately, I seem to only really write about Idol and then maybe one other show a week.  So I thought I’d write down some thoughts I have regarding other shows, since they aren’t enough to have a blog post all their own, but I need to get out of my head…this could get long and ugly, but you’re the one choosing to spend their time reading my nonsense, so don’t judge me.  After a quick Idol update from tonight, I’ll go day by day, starting with good old Sunday nights:

Idol:  I had a minor cardiac event when Ryan announced Casey to be safe first, because I knew, I just knew, Lee would be going home then.  Thankfully Ryan did my heart good by declaring Lee safe next, all but insuring Mike’s dismissal, which I am totally OK with.  And Lee, God bless him, really needs to learn when to stop talking.
The Celebrity Apprentice: Alright now I know you’re about to click off this page and go read about the Pioneer Woman and her fantabulous life because you can’t possibly read the blog of someone who actually watches the Celebrity Apprentice.  But LISTEN – I only started because I was staying at my parent’s house one weekend, and they were watching and I found out that it’s actually kind of a good time – I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch Cydi Lauper try to carry carpet up multiple flights of stairs?  That’s just good TV right there.  My only concern is that (since it was taped long ago) Bret Michaels is still around, and if he makes it to the final LIVE boardroom, he’s going to get the sympathy vote, and I’m just not a fan of that.  Team Curtis!
24:  Jack has officially lost his ever-loving mind.  This week’s episode almost made me lose my lunch – which happened to include guacamole – and if know what happened this week, you know why that was a bad decision.  I feel for him, man.  I mean, he’s lost almost everything (except his daughter and granddaughter – which, shouldn’t that play into his thinking at least a little bit? I mean, he’s playing like he’s got nothing to lose, but that’s not entirely true, now is it?)  Anyway, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the series ending is not going to leave Jack in a good place.  And so, we wait for the big screen.
How I Met Your Mother:  One of my favorite sitcoms, ever.  But I’m not sure I’m feeling this season.  Maybe all the Robin drama is wearing on me, or maybe I just want to know who the flipping mother is already.  This week’s episode definitely made you think Lily and Marshall may not be too far from a bun in the oven, no?  And then where does the show go from there?  They’ve done a lot of things to push the envelope a little bit, but a baby in a bar is just not going to fly with this girl.
The Big Bang Theory:  Jim Parsons (AKA Sheldon Cooper) is AWESOME.
Chuck:  Chuck is one of those shows that I actually have talked about here somewhat regularly – if only because my fear of it being cancelled tends to overtake my brain and I have these “must.save.chuck!” moments.  But since it seems we Chuck fans are in the clear for at least one more season of Buy More/Spy nonsense, I can breathe easy.  It may be because I’m totally head over heels for Zachary Levi, or may be because John Casey kind of reminds me of my dad, but I really want this show to do well and live on for a good long time to come.  But with the story line where it is, I’m just not sure what that could mean.  24 might have taken it a season too long, and look where it got Jack.  Chuck can’t go out with a Jack Bauer ending, he just can’t. 
The Biggest Loser:  This week’s episode was very real – almost painful at parts.  For a show that lives by one of the most strict formulas ever (Recap last week, temptation, workout, challenge, last change workout, tears, weigh in, elimination, tears, end scene) This week really brought the reality of these people’s situations to light for me – I haven’t been a fan of Mike since the beginning – but his line of “who come to the Biggest Loser and leaves still obese?”  got my eyes a little watery, not gonna lie.  And they got a LOT watery when the contestants watched all the flashbacks.  PS I still only really watch this show for Bob Harper. 
Phew, OK I watch more shows than I thought, so this is going to go in installments now.  Next up:  Glee, Parenthood, Modern Family and soooo much more.  Hang tight.

a mishmash of thoughts April 15, 2010

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I don’t have a full recap of Idol because, well, I could’ve recapped that sucker for you before it happened.  Bad lip-synching, corny joke, Andrew and Katie bite the dust, tears, end scene.  But seriously, are the lip-synched group performances really necessary?  Do we all really need to pretend that Tim Urban can hit that low note?  I really have to watch Katie try to dance like Elvis?  Elliot freaking Yamin is sitting in the audience and I have to watch this junk?

But I also have thoughts on a few more shows that are rarely brought up on this here blog, even though I watch them religiously.  So there’s just some things I have to get off my chest.

24 (no spoilers):  I know I mentioned this yesterday but WHAT THE HECK.  I still am not over it.  I can’t believe it happened.  I won’t believe it happened.  I could cry if I think about it much longer.

The Biggest Loser:  Did you watch this week?  Did you absolutely weep when O’Neill won the car and Sunshine ran in?  I mean, one of the best moments on that show, ever.   EVER.  Although I haven’t watched the second hour yet, so don’t ruin it for me.

Survivor: Russell has become a swear word in my vocabulary.  I can’t believe he got rid of Boston Rob.  This all started with stupid Tyson being stupid and making one really stupid decision. 

I know what you’re all thinking: who even watches Survivor anymore?  Awesome people, that’s who.  This season is EPIC.  And just because it’s been on forever, doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome.  So lose the attitude and start watching.

Parenthood: I’ll admit I only started watching this show because Lorelai was in it.  But it has become a highlight of my week.  The cast is terrific – Dax Shepard, who knew? – and it’s pretty addicting once you figure out all the relationships between them.