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Carly Smithson in the houuuuuse! March 16, 2011

Posted by Meg C in Idol.

I love spotting former Idol contestants in the Idoldome. Especially former season 7 Idols, since I still believe it was the best.season.ever.  David Cook!  Michael Johns!  Brooke White!  Jason Castro!  I’m tearing up just thinking about it.   But I’ll leave it alone.

Naima took the first performance slot this week and, um, well OK. Hm. 

Here’s my thought with Naima.  Ten bucks says my current music-loving, rap station listening, no-James-Taylor-appreciation roommate will love her.  But she can’t sing.  So I guess it’s how much that bothers you.  (And it should bother you quite a bit, as this is technically a singing competition.  Just saying.)

Jury’s out on good old Paul McDonald.  The singer-songwriter-Rod-Stewart-Nashville-loving side of me wants to hug him.  But the rest of me wants to smack him.

*Moment of the night*  Ryan laughing as he said “we go back to 1995, when Thia was born.”

Seriously? Colors of the Wind?  1995?  I REMEMBER WHEN THAT CAME OUT.  I’m too old for this [stuff].

(But woah, she seriously looked like Pocahontas.  Shoot.)  And how come she gets the strings out on the stage??  That’s totally a Top 6 move.  Grr.

Well I’ll be damned.  I really didn’t see me falling in love with The Durbs, but his Bon Jovi tonight did it.  Made me smile.  I went all JLo – “it just brings me joy!”

Oh my gosh maybe I am turning into JLo, because I have a major crush on Stefano right now.  Killed it tonight. 

Yep I skipped over Haley.  I’m hoping next week I won’t have to do it purposefully.  (Because she won’t sing.  Because she’ll get sent home tomorrow night.  Get it?)

Pia was magnificent as always, and I was glad she went uptempo with it.

Scotty showed up with his best song yet, and this is coming from a girl who hates Travis Tritt, who he covered tonight.  I almost teared up watching him be so stoked that the judges loved him and his baseball team there watching him.  Love. It.

Karen’s performance was as awesome as her outfit.  I’m going to leave it up to you, fellow readers, to determine how I felt about her chainmail dress.  Oops, did I just give it away?

Ok.  Let’s deal with Casey Abrams, the electric bass, and Nirvana.  Holy heck.  I said a while back Idol has never seen a contestant like him, and my goodness was that ever true tonight.  Brother lit it up.  My current music-loving roommate visibly cringed through the whole performance, but I smiled a little bit.  And laughed a little sometimes.

Lauren Alaina rocked a classic karaoke song.  Someone remind me to make that my next karaoke song.  I think I could rock it, too. 

I just don’t know what to do with Jacob Lusk.  I don’t know what to make of him.  Another karaoke hit, Jacob definitely rocked it better than last week.  I hate that this next sentence is going to be in writing so you can hold it against me in the future, but I totally agreed with Randy on this one.  He totally whiffed a couple notes, but in the grand scheme of his performance, it didn’t really matter because he’s all that and a bag of Baked Lays. 

So that was it.  Well, after an awkward little bit of Seacrest wasting time because they (shockingly) ended too soon.  Overall, a pretty solid night.



1. Kim Walsh - March 21, 2011

As for my feelings on Naima…I don’t think she is incredibly gifted vocally, but I have to give her a lot of credit for the rap interlude, the reggae feel, and the dance move.
Yes, your rap station listening roommate is impressed by her.

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