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It’s ALIVE! March 9, 2011

Posted by Meg C in Idol.

I’m baaaaaaack!  So stop sending me mean emails and facebook messages, mmm k?

And welcome to Top 13 week of Idol!  Tragedies have already occurred – the first that comes to mind is the too early ousting of Kendra Chantelle and the (totally rigged) Top 13 placement of Naima instead (her name was on the teleprompter for crying out loud!)

Kendra Chantelle, even though I know you totally made that name up, I’m still a fan.

Awkward quote of the night from Randy:  “Shania and her great..err…collaborator Mutt Lange…”  Uh you mean her great cheating ex-husband?  Sheesh.

Casey’s take on Joe Cocker was freaking fracking  awesome.  Joe Cocker is not an easy cover (see: DeWyze, Lee).  This is a contestant unlike any we’ve seen on Idol, I believe.  People don’t usually pull stuff like that until Top 6 or 7 and he totally rocked it. 

If I didn’t already love Paul McDonald (which I really, really do) I loved him that much more after he said “My idol is Ryan Adams…with an R…”  as if to say – “not that stinking Canadian that everyone always covers on this stupid show.”  If he would quit skipping around the stage like a 5 year old girl trying not to pee her pants, he’d have a much wider appeal. 

Speaking of, next up was Pia singing Celine’s “All By Myself” which, take it from someone who’s tried one too many times in the car, is a stinkin’ hard song to sing.  And she, not surprisingly, killed it. 

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been the biggest fan of James Durbin (or a fan at all) but his performance tonight kind of gave me chills.  Well played, Durbin. 

I’ll also take this moment to interject that so far this evening we’ve heard two songs that we heard from last year’s Top 2, and tonight’s contestants easily would’ve won that competition last year with one hand behind their back and the other smacking Simon Cowell in the face.  It’s a good feeling, no? 

Pop quiz: can you name any of the contestants from last year other than the Top 2?  I can’t.

Jacob Lusk, ftw.  So, so, SO good.

And then there’s 15 year old Thia Megia who picked Michael Jackson’s song “Smile” and had to be told actually, uh, it was a Charlie Chaplin song first.  I’m just impressed she didn’t call it a Glee song, even if she did turn around and call him Charlie Chapman.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Scotty “Baby Lock Them Doors” McCreery is still a high school kid.  Just an unbelievable voice.

So that doesn’t cover everyone from tonight, but the highlights, certainly.  I’m personally hoping Karen Rodriguez  is the one to go tomorrow, but geez, it’s a tough call!  Let’s get this right, America.



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