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pink truck and mardi gras trees…because that’s all i’ve got to offer February 10, 2011

Posted by Meg C in Idol.

Ice cream with warm caramel sauce?  Check.  Mardi Gras tree lit up?  Check.  Large glass of wine?  Check and check. 

By golly, it’s Hollywood week!

I’m sorry, you think I’m kidding?


(Wine of choice these days is pink truck.  And not just for the awesome bottle.  OK a little bit for the awesome bottle…)

I have to admit, I’ve been a little pre-occupied (is that just one word?)  with this new blog a coworker introduced me to.   http://bendoeslife.tumblr.com/

I started at the beginning, and am slowly making my way through his journey.  I’m about 10 months in and he’s about to run his first marathon, and all i want to do is keep reading!   I’ve recently signed up for my first race (a whopping 5K) and so am seeking inspiration about wherever I can get it.  But for the rest of tonight, I “do life” by watching American Idol and keeping you up to date.

I’m also totally geeking out, because I’m heading home this weekend to take my mom out for her 39th* birthday and we’re going to the symphony for this Billy Joel production.  Billy Joel is my dream concert, and this might be the best I ever get.

So twice as many people have made it Hollywood week this year, which isn’t totally surprising, since Randy Jackson’s a moron and Jennifer Lopez can’t say no (which I’m sure P. Diddy, Ben Affleck, and currently Marc Antony make good use of.)

Honestly?  I love the judges this year.  Steven Tyler is lucid almost all the time, Jennifer Lopez knows what she’s talking about, and Randy Jackson is great fodder for this here blog.

Yet again, good ol’ Nigel and his producers decided to focus on a handful of contestants (that we’d already seen before) and gobs of people moved on we’ve never set eyes on and probably won’t until they somehow miraculously make it into the Top 12, and they’ll pull a Kris Allen and go all the way.  Seriously this episode played like a recap episode of all the sob stories so far.  Give me something new for crying out loud!  But thank goodness miss Victoria Huggins was sent packing – one more nasal filled “How ya’ll doin?!” and I’d put a shoe through my TV.

So no real shockers here.  Maybe we’ll get some during the group rounds.  Fingers crossed!

*we all know that’s not true.  But I like when she buys me things.



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