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thank God Almighty we’re free at last! February 9, 2011

Posted by Meg C in Idol.

Well my friends, it’s the last night of auditions (PTL!) and instead of recapping the entire episode (creepy, awesome, repetitive), I thought I might use this time to break some Idol misconceptions. Listen, I apologize if I burst your naive bubbles, but if I can’t educate, what’s this all for anyway?  I spend a crap-ton of time reading about this stuff since there’s 10 feet of snow and it’s exactly 0 degrees outside, so I know what’s up.

(Yes, I’m completely avoiding the fact that I broke all of my personal rules and read the Top 40 spoilers!  In a moment of weakness, I gave in and you know what?  I don’t regret it.  Not one bit.  Screw it.)

1.  Those “live” performances by celebrities once we get to the Bowl?  Not so live.  Sometime pretaped months before they air. 

2.  All those people in the arena waiting to audition don’t actually get in front of the celebrity judges.  Shocking, I know.  So for those people that drive hours and hours?  They have to do it multiple times for the rounds of producer auditions.  So my question here is, why keep up the pretense?   Quit showing me wackjobs in Transformers costumes and start showing me what these contestants really go through. 

3.  The order in which people perform once in the live episodes?  Pre-determined by the producers.  So when I complain, and I will complain, that the producers are clearly pimping a certain contestant by placing them last, it’s clearly true. 

All right, so are you catching the theme that the producers are totally screwing with you?  As long as your eyes are open, that’s all that matters to me.

Still skeptical?  Unless Steven Tyler is the world’s fastest quick change artist, here’s your proof:

I don’t want to ruin you completely, so I’ll save more for later.  And there is more.  Much, much more.

Tonight’s episode was sweet relief, only in that it was the last audition round episode!  Which means…thaaat’s right……we’re going to Hollywood!!  I’ll meet you there – I’ve got to dig out of this damn snow.



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