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the circle of life and stuff February 2, 2011

Posted by Meg C in Idol.

I fell in love a little bit tonight.  With one John Wayne Schultz.   Pretty sure the rest of the country did, too.  I hope this real life cowboy can make it through Hollywood Hell, because he could really do well. 

Brother’s name is John Wayne.  Because his dad wanted a tough son.  Pretty sure my dad wanted a tough son, too, so I’m glad they didn’t name me Chuck Norris.   That’d be embarrassing.   Not as embarrassing as the girl so in love with Ryan Seacrest she cried when he came close to her. 

Texas is one feisty state!

I don’t know my friends,  audition rounds are getting old.  I’m lacking creative stories since we’re watching the same thing over and over and over.  And over.  And I’m getting more excited for Russell vs. Rob to start on Survivor. 

Sorry if I suck.  Just how I feel.  I hit this point every year.  Just laying it out there and being honest!

So they gave out approximately 746 tickets to Hollywood, and showed us like 7 of them, so it’s hard to know how good what we actually saw ended up being. 

Faves:  Janelle Arthur, John flippin Wayne.  (Can you tell I’m rooting for the country folk?)  Also didn’t totally mind Casey Abrams (I could totally see him being the major makeover of the year, no?)



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